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Puzzled by the Clues

A Nic and Nora Mystery Book 2


When long time friend, Professor Charles Bohn, is found dead supposedly by his own hand, Anna Owen suspects foul play. The Owen gang investigation heads to the professor's home but stalls when a mysterious prowler runs into Anna as he tries to escape through the back door.

The second Nic & Nora Mystery, Puzzled by the Clues, follows both the blossoming relationship of Nic and Nora and that of Anna and Allen. Characters at the heart of the Owen gang and those on the perimeter, offer humor, wisdom, and the belief that there is always hope. As Anna points out, "Maybe after two World Wars, people are beginning to understand the insanity of hate."

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She Overheard Murder

Introducing the

Nic and Nora Mystery series

On October 29, 1945, Nic Owen made her debut appearance as a radio detective on the new show, Inez Ingalls, Private Eye. Her career began only weeks earlier when Studio Manager, Frank Myers, hired her to read ad copy and work as an understudy. The murder of Carolyn Park propelled Nic to the starring role and a top spot on the list of suspects. Cecil Park, husband of the murdered woman, wants answers. As does Nora Hahn, Carolyn's 'special friend' for fourteen years.

The war is over, and people from countries around the world are proud to have fought and defended the basic rights of their citizens. Those who survived want life to return to normal. For homosexuals, the struggle for basic rights did not end, and normal means more of the same, hiding who they are and enduring the insults and sometimes-fatal reactions when others discover their secret.

She Overheard Murder introduces characters from the new Nic and Nora Mystery series—mysteries solved by lesbian amateur detectives in post-World War II Chicago.


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An Uncluttered Palette

(Previously titled Monet's Palette)

"If your palette is cluttered, your painting will reflect that clutter." The words, offered by artist and teacher, Rayna Hunt, introduce her students to the world of oil painting, but they apply to more than just her art. After an accident destroyed her hand and she began the long journey to reclaim her skill, she avoided clutter in her paintings and her life. Her quiet, uncluttered life is soon disrupted when an anonymous call to the police makes her a suspect in a case of forgery and art theft. Her students, a diverse group of ages and personalities are delighted to learn about art history, forgery, and oil painting, and they take more than a casual interest in the case. Along with Stratford Museum director and previous romantic interest, Paul Lingstrum, and a Chicago police detective recovering from her own loss, they work to prove Rayna's innocence and solve the crime.

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Flowers for Her Grave

An old fashioned whodunnit!

A twenty year old murder in a small town awakens memories and monsters. No one could have guessed the truth.



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Mrs. Quigley's Kidnapping

My name is Matilda Constance Draper. Folks still alive that aren't young enough to call me ma'am know me as Mattie. Like most people who've experienced this thing called life, I've seen good times and a few not so good times. That's how it goes. At sixty-seven, I'm old enough to know that things happen I can't control and it's up to me to do the best I can with the changes. I've also learned that if you make friends with pigeons, you have to be prepared to accept everything that comes with them. When I decided to work as a private investigator, I knew I'd be dealing with my share of crap.


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Seven Cities of Greed

This year celebrates not only the four hundredth anniversary of Santa Fe, New Mexico it also commemorates four hundred years of worship at St. Francis Cathedral. The original building is gone, but the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, the passion of Bishop John Baptiste Lamy, was built around its adobe walls.


Sixty years before the founding of Santa Fe, the first Franciscan priest to come to the area was Father Marcos De Niza when he searched for the cities of gold. Seven Cities of Greed follows the path of Friar Marcos, as traveled by a group of Chicagoans in search of adventure.

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The Woman in the Wing

July 1944—A member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots struggles to land her A-24 dive bomber whose engine suddenly burst into flames. A week later another pilot’s life is threatened when the rudder cables of a BT-13 training plane snap mid flight. The plane goes into a deadly spin and she prepares to jump, only to discover her canopy is jammed. Are these accidents the result of sabotage or mechanical failure? The work of Nazi sympathizers or washed out US Army pilots?


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